The Modified Rapid Emergency Medicine Score: A Novel Trauma Triaging Tool For Predicting In-Hospital Mortality
ACEP ePoster Library, Ross Miller, 150824
Telepharmacy Services And Emergency Medicine Pharmacist Interventions In Freestanding Emergency Departments
ACEP ePoster Library, Matthew Campbell, 150825
Directing Massively And Simultaneously Numerous Terrorist Victims In A Hospital Provided With All Surgical Specialties: An Adapted Answer.
ACEP ePoster Library, Florent Fémy, 150826
The Impact Of A Pediatric Emergency Department Designation System On Pediatric Injury Mortality Rates In Arizona
ACEP ePoster Library, Amber Rice, 150827
Impact Of A New Medical Dispatch System On Telecommunicator-Assisted Cpr
ACEP ePoster Library, Stephen Sanko, 150828
Use Of Focused Assessment With Sonography For Trauma (Fast) Examination Skills In The Evaluation Of Medical Patients
ACEP ePoster Library, Srikar Adhikari, 150791
The Use Of Tricuspid Annular Plane Systolic Excursion (Tapse) To Rule-Out Pulmonary Embolism In The Tachycardic Emergency Department Patient
ACEP ePoster Library, James Daley, 150792
Perception Of Point - Of - Care - Ultrasound Performed By Emergency Medicine Physicians
ACEP ePoster Library, Zachary Bremer, 150793
Accuracy Of Point Of Care Ultrasonography For Diagnosing Acute Appendicitis: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis
ACEP ePoster Library, Carl Alsup, 150795
Sonographic Appearance Of Peripheral Nerves: Visualizing Success
ACEP ePoster Library, Lori Stolz, 150796
Sonographic Criteria For Cholecystitis Alone Do Not Predict The Need For Emergent Cholecystectomy: A Three-Month Longitudinal Study.
ACEP ePoster Library, Ricky Amii, 150797
Ratio Of Aorta Area And Inferior Vena Cava Area With Bedside Ultrasound To Assess Degree Of Dehydration In Children
ACEP ePoster Library, Hyuksool Kwon, 150798
Does The Longevity Of An Intravenous Catheter Placed Under Ultrasound Guidance Correlate With The Quantity Of Catheter That Resides Within The Vein?
ACEP ePoster Library, Ananda Pandurangadu, 150799
Acute Care Diagnostic Collaboration: Bayesian Comparative Assessment Of Diagnostic Accuracy Of Ct Scan And Ultrasonography In The Diagnosis Of Urolithiasis After The Application Of The Stone Score
ACEP ePoster Library, Laila Cochon, 150800
The Wire Is Really Easy To See (Wires): Sonographic Visualization Of The Guide Wire In The Carotid Artery
ACEP ePoster Library, James Moak, 150801
A Survey Evaluation Of Barriers To Provider Compliance With Point Of Care Ultrasound Documentation
ACEP ePoster Library, Gabriel Rose, 150802
A Survey Evaluation Of Barriers To Provider Compliance With Point Of Care Ultrasound Documentation
ACEP ePoster Library, James Mangan, 150803
Abnormal Thromboelastography Associated With The Severity Of Liver Laceration
ACEP ePoster Library, Andrew Ryon, 150804
Comparison Of Leukosan Skinlink Closure Versus Conventional Suture For Traumatic Laceration Repair In The Emergency Department: A Randomized Controlled Trial<I><U></U></I>
ACEP ePoster Library, Dae Chan Kim, 150805
Four Year Post-Injury Assessment Of Functional Outcome Using Gose At In Patients With Moderate And Severe Trauma: Prospective Multicentre Cohort Study In Hong Kong
ACEP ePoster Library, Colin Graham, 150806
High-Speed Handling Of A Hemorrhage Control System By First-Aid Workers And Physicians - The Click-Clack Study
ACEP ePoster Library, Frédéric Lapostolle, 150807
Predicting Probability Of Return To Work At Four Years After Moderate And Major Trauma In Hong Kong: Prospective, Multicentre, Cohort Study
ACEP ePoster Library, Colin Graham, 150809
Lateral Canthotomy By Emergency Physicians Significantly Decreases The Risk Of Vision Loss In Patients With Traumatic-Associated Elevated Intraocular Pressure
ACEP ePoster Library, Owen Beams, 150810
Characteristics Of Unsuccessful Emergency Department Thoracotomy In U.S. Emergency Departments
ACEP ePoster Library, Christopher Hansen, 150811
A Decision Instrument To Identify Subdural Hematomas At Low Risk Of Decompensation Or Intervention
ACEP ePoster Library, Peter Pruitt, 150812
The Likelihood Of Pedestrian Struck Accidents Do Not Increase Near Subway Station Entrances
ACEP ePoster Library, Aleef Rahman, 150813
Interim Analysis: Benefits Of A Standardized Exercise Program In Treatment Of Ed Patients Experiencing Acute Or Acute-On-Chronic Musculoskeletal Back Pain
ACEP ePoster Library, Matthew Lisankie, 150814
Plasma Syndecan-1 Levels Identify A Cohort Of Patients With Severe Sepsis At A High Risk Of Intubation Following Large Volume Intravenous Fluid Resuscitation.
ACEP ePoster Library, Utsav Nandi, 150815
Prospective Comparison Of Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Versus Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography For Suspected Appendicitis In Children And Young Adults
ACEP ePoster Library, John Harringa, 150816
Stemi: Improving Door To Cath Lab Times Through High Reliability
ACEP ePoster Library, Travis Gullett, 150817
Impact Of Evaluating Patients In Chairs On Emergency Department Length Of Stay
ACEP ePoster Library, Sudhir Baliga, 150818
Recording Discharge Instructions In The Emergency Department:A Survey Of Provider And Patient Attitudes
ACEP ePoster Library, Karen Jubanyik, 150819
Recording Discharge Instructions In The Emergency Department:A Survey Of Provider And Patient Attitudes
ACEP ePoster Library, Karen Jubanyik, 150820
A Randomized Trial Of An Intervention To Influence Emergency Medicine Providers' Opioid Prescribing
ACEP ePoster Library, Sean Michael, 150821
Implementation Of An Emergency Department Syphilis And Hiv Point-Of-Care Screening Process During An Outbreak Of Syphilis In Detroit, Michigan In Collaboration With The Infectious Disease Department And The Centers For Disease Control
ACEP ePoster Library, Jacob Manteuffel, 150823
Evaluation Of The Prevalence Of Drug-Drug Interactions In Patients Discharged From An Academic Emergency Department
ACEP ePoster Library, Patrick Bridgeman, 150765
The Impact Of Administration Of Opiates Or Benzodiazepines On Comprehension Of Ed Discharge Instructions
ACEP ePoster Library, Joseph Berman, 150766
Risk Of Exposure To Medical Providers From Patients Who Have Ingested Metal Phosphides
ACEP ePoster Library, Amjad Musleh, 150767
Development Of A Porcine Model Of Amlodipine Toxicity
ACEP ePoster Library, Jenna LeRoy, 150768
Hot And Cold Drugs: National Park Service Medication Stability At The Extremes Of Temperature
ACEP ePoster Library, Patil Armenian, 150770
The Natural History Of Human Stingray Injuries
ACEP ePoster Library, Robert Katzer, 150771
Ibuprofen Versus Placebo Effect On Acute Kidney Injury In Ultramarathon Runners
ACEP ePoster Library, Grant Lipman, 150772
Ibuprofen Versus Placebo Effect On Acute Kidney Injury In Ultramarathon Runners
ACEP ePoster Library, Kurt Eifling, 150773
A Novel Software Technology To Detect Pneumothorax On Bedside Ultrasonography: Diagnostic Accuracy In A Porcine Model With Induced Pneumothorax
ACEP ePoster Library, Shane Summers, 150774
Ultrasound- And Fluoroscopy-Guided Reduction Of Pediatric Forearm Fractures: A Prospective Observational Study
ACEP ePoster Library, Jonathan Auten, 150775
Prevalence Of Right Heart Strain In Patients With Massive Pulmonary Embolism: A Retrospective Review
ACEP ePoster Library, Erika Chowa, 150776
Accuracy And Reliability Of Gastric Ultrasound For Stomach Contents
ACEP ePoster Library, David Mackenzie, 150777
Diagnosing Centrally Located Pulmonary Embolisms In The Emergency Department Using Point-Of-Care Ultrasound
ACEP ePoster Library, Kristin Dwyer, 150778
After Clinical Ultrasound Fellowship:A Survey Study Of Graduates' Reflections On Training
ACEP ePoster Library, Dimitrios Papanagnou, 150779
Predictive Value Of Point Of Care Lactate Measurement In Patients Meeting Level Ii And Ii Trauma Team Activation Criteria That Present To The Emergency Department:--A Prospective Study
ACEP ePoster Library, Jessica Wentling, 150781
Reliability Of The Abdominal Exam In Blunt Trauma Patients With Altered Mental Status
ACEP ePoster Library, Tarina Kang, 150782
Comparison Of The Tensile Strength Of Dermabond And A Novel Topical Skin Adhesive, Actabond.
ACEP ePoster Library, Catherine Silberstein, 150783
Gender Differences In The Perceptions Of Ideal Leadership Training Methods For Trauma Resuscitation
ACEP ePoster Library, Gabbie Gomez, 150784
72-Hour Returns: A Trigger Tool For Diagnostic Error
ACEP ePoster Library, Emily Aaronson, 150786
Yankauer Suction Catheters With "Safety" Vent Holes May Impair Safety In Emergent Airway Management
ACEP ePoster Library, Robert Cox, 150787
Severe Sepsis: What Gets It Right? A Comparison Of The Quick Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Vs. Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Criteria.
ACEP ePoster Library, Henry Weigle, 150789
Development Of A Difficult Access Team In The Adult Emergency Department Leads To Faster Intravenous Access
ACEP ePoster Library, Casey Wilson, 150790
Computerized Screening For Major Depressive Disorder And Suicide Risk In An Emergency Department
ACEP ePoster Library, Elyce Biddle, 150737
Medical, Traumatic, And Psychological Emergencies In Incarcerated Patients
ACEP ePoster Library, Jessica Whittle, 150738
Understanding Non-Urgent Emergency Department Visits For Gynecological Complaints
ACEP ePoster Library, Rebecca Fisher, 150739
Injuries Sustained In Law Enforcement Encounters Where Excessive Force Is Alleged
ACEP ePoster Library, Jared Strote, 150740
Linking Suicide Attempt Patients With Community Support Programs: The Effect Of A Crisis Intervention Team Operating In The Emergency Department
ACEP ePoster Library, Eusang Ahn, 150741
Damage Control Resuscitation: A Trial Of Combination Of Hboc-201® And Resuscitation Fluids In A Swine Model Of Severe Hemorrhagic Shock
ACEP ePoster Library, Neal Baker, 150743
Are Three Ports Better Than One: An Evaluation Of Flow Rates Using All Ports Of A Triple Lumen Central Venous Catheter In Volume Resuscitation
ACEP ePoster Library, Stephanie Traylor, 150744
Rate Of Return Of Spontaneous Circulation In Relation To Primary Vascular Access During Out-Of-Hospital Adult Cardiac Arrest.
ACEP ePoster Library, Erika Bramlett, 150745
Timing And Rationale Of Withdrawal Of Life Sustaining Treatment After The Implementation Of Target Temperature Management Post Cardiac Arrest
ACEP ePoster Library, Syed Ayaz, 150747
Addition Of Audiovisual Feedback During Standard Compressions Is Associated With Improved Ability To Perform And Maintain Chest Compression Rate Within 2015 Aha Updated Guideline Recommendations.
ACEP ePoster Library, Steve Aguilar, 150748
A Longitudinal Exploration Of In Situ Mock Code Events And The Performance Of Cardiac Arrest Skills
ACEP ePoster Library, Samuel Clarke, 150749
Self Directed Learning Through Ultrasound Simulator: A Feasibility Study
ACEP ePoster Library, Ernesto Romo, 150750
ACEP ePoster Library, Kiersten Carter, 150751
Use Of A Didactic-Low Fidelity Simulated Model To Measure Objective Improvement In Corneal Foreign Body Removal
ACEP ePoster Library, Kevin Truong, 150752
A Novel Task Trainer For Penile Corpus Cavernosa Aspiration
ACEP ePoster Library, Amber Ruest, 150753
A Novel Model For Studying The Application Of The Itclamp™ In Conjunction With Hemostatic Agents In Swine (Sus Scrofa)
ACEP ePoster Library, Sean Stuart, 150754
Injury Patterns Of Less Lethal Kinetic Impact Projectiles Used By Law Enforcement Officers
ACEP ePoster Library, Jennifer Beatty, 150755
Effectiveness Of Common Femoral Artery Compression In Elimination Of Popliteal Blood Flow
ACEP ePoster Library, Matt Lyon, 150756
The Prevalence Of Cervical Spine Injuries In Patients With Persistent Midline Tenderness In Low Mechanism Trauma Despite Initially Negative Computed Tomography.
ACEP ePoster Library, Abdullah Basnawi, 150758
Who Initiates And What Is At The Root Of Patient Care Quality Complaints?
ACEP ePoster Library, Isabel Barata, 150759
Management And Outcomes Of Major Bleeding Events In Patients Treated With Warfarin Or A Non-Vitamin K Antagonist Oral Anticoagulant
ACEP ePoster Library, Catherine Silberstein, 150760
Most Emergency Department Patients With Epistaxis Are Treated Without Intervention And Bounce Backs Are Uncommon
ACEP ePoster Library, David Cuthbert, 150761
Yankauer Outperformed By Alternative Suction Devices In Evacuation Of Simulated Emesis
ACEP ePoster Library, Mark Andreae, 150762
Predicting Different Kinds Of Utilization Patterns By Frequent Users In The Emergency Department (Ed)
ACEP ePoster Library, Emily Kuo, 150763
Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen Prescribing In Emergency Departments In The Veteran'S Health Administration
ACEP ePoster Library, David Jerrard, 150764
Prescribing Of Opioids And Benzodiazepines After Drug Overdose
ACEP ePoster Library, Christopher Griggs, 150708
Targeting Homeless Population Needs Using Community-Based Participatory Research Methods In An Urban Emergency Department
ACEP ePoster Library, Andrew Franco, 150709
Will Scheduled Clinic Visits Prevent Emergency Room Re-Admission In Chest Pain Patient?
ACEP ePoster Library, Wei Yao, 150710
Conflicting Estimates Of Firearm Injuries Treated In United States Emergency Departments, 2007 - 2012.
ACEP ePoster Library, Ross Fleischman, 150711
Emergency Department Utilization By Californians With Sickle Cell Disease, 2005-2014
ACEP ePoster Library, Mary Hulihan, 150712
Perceptions Of Sharing Prescribed Controlled Substances Among An Ed Population
ACEP ePoster Library, Henry Young, 150713
Treatment At High-Volume Cardiac Arrest Centers Is Associated With Better Neurologic Outcome After Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
ACEP ePoster Library, Nichole Bosson, 150714
Staff Perception Of Family Presence During Adult Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
ACEP ePoster Library, Wilson Walker, 150715
Prognostic Factors For Good Neurologic Outcome In Patients With Prolonged Resuscitation Efforts
ACEP ePoster Library, Ji Yeon Kim, 150716
Cpr Duration And Survival In Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients
ACEP ePoster Library, Frederic Adnet, 150717
Can Serial Focused Echocardiographic Evaluation In Life Support (Feel) Predict Resuscitation Outcome Or Termination Of Resuscitation (Tor)?: A Pilot Study
ACEP ePoster Library, Han Bit Kim, 150718
New Chest Compression Method In Infant Resuscitations
ACEP ePoster Library, Ji Sook Lee, 150719
Development And Assessment Of A Simulation Model Of Focused And Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluations
ACEP ePoster Library, Sara Hock, 150721
Thematic Analysis Of Debrief Themes Emerging From High Fidelity Interprofessional In-Situ Simulations In The Emergency Department
ACEP ePoster Library, Chantal McFetridge, 150722
Provider Bmi Significantly Impacts Cpr Depth
ACEP ePoster Library, Ian Julie, 150723
Central Venous Catheter Insertion Training: A Hospital Wide Approach
ACEP ePoster Library, Brian Steiner, 150725
Detecting Blood Loss With A Wearable, Photoplethysmography Device
ACEP ePoster Library, Chad Darling, 150726
Comparative Analysis Of Five Methods Of Emergency Zipper Release By Experienced Versus Novice Clinicians
ACEP ePoster Library, Mark Oquist, 150728

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